Final Bits of the Uni Haul! (I hope)

Soooo…hey people, here I am again after a stressful few days! Last week was a bit of shit one but this is my last week at home so I’m trying to make it the best it can be. I have so much to do this week, like you will if you’re going to Uni for the first time or going back for a second or third. Not too sure how I’m going to fit 3 months worth of clothes into my tiny Uni wardrobe but ah well, looks like we’re all in it together on that one! So yeah, among getting clothes out to take with me and choosing the homely, personal stuff I want to bring, I’ve got to somehow comprehend leaving my home town for the first time, which is potentially the thing that’s scaring me the most. Although I do think I’m ready to move out, I’m still scared to be independent and especially in the monetary way. But time will only tell how that goes and I’m sure we’ll all get used to it as we go through our time at uni.

The rest of my uni haul includes all the bathroom cleaning stuff, other bedroom & kitchen things and the best part of any back to school / college / uni haul, STATIONARY! I’m gonna leave that till last, because it’s the most exciting, haha.

So, let’s go.


Our first stop on our final day of getting all this stuff, was ASDA. Living in the UK, there are about 5 huge supermarket chains that probably all sell this stuff at the same price, but in ASDA they’ve got loads of deals on student essentials so it’s definitely a place worth going to if you’re looking for stuff like this!

The towels on that picture are ridiculously soft which is definitely something I think a towel should be – #toweltalk – and they were also quite cheap because they were in the student section. Jut also throwing this out there that there was the cutest pug cushion in there for £8 and my Mum said no and I am still quite devastated 😦 . There are so many nice duvets, cushions and throws in there also, which you can get on the website (x) as well!

  • Duvet – £10 (single) ((we ordered this and collected it in store))
  • Bed Sheets – £5
  • Pillow Cases – £2
  • Face Cloths – £1 each
  • Hand Towel – £3
  • Bath ‘Sheet’ – £6 (Basically an extra large towel!)
  • Tea Towels – £5

If there’s a supermarket near your uni, you’ll definitely be able to pick up the stuff you might have forgotten so if you’re like me, and are scared that you’ve forgotten stuff, at least we know there might be places round us where we can grab extra things if needed!


So this is the kitchen’y stuff that we got from ASDA and again, it was all good value for money – it also has what each thing is used for on a label which is a winner when you’re clueless in a kitchen haha! They had so many variations of cutlery sets which is definitely something to look at if you want something a little different that other people won’t mistake for theirs!

  • Cutlery – £6
  • Pan – £15 (Just found out that we have an Induction hob in our kitchen – which means the Wilko one will be going back! Induction pans are really expensive (bit of a cheek if you ask me – we’re students not millionaires) so I’m only taking one and I’m gonna use the ones they provide- if you have an induction hob you should definitely check if they give you pans and definitely check the type of hob before you buy – which isn’t what I did haha)
  • Storage Containers – £1.50
  • Glasses – 60p each (so £1.20)
  • Pasta Bowls – £1.50 each (I think)
  • Potato Peeler – 75p (I’m also not sure on this but it was the cheapest one you could get)
  • ‘Roaster’ – £3

So these are the last little things I got from ASDA but there is also a few things that I forgot to include in this picture so I’ll let you know what the other stuff is!


So I just bought that top because I just love stripey tops they just work with everything and also plastic wallets because who knows when you’re gonna need to make something look tidy? (AKA – for those people who’ll just shove stuff in their bag – me – and are then like shit, probably should’ve attempted to stop that getting creased.) And one of my favourite things we got from ASDA, was various pictures that I printed off  to stick on my walls and stuff. I can’t wait to personalise my room with them – you can see loads of Uni room ideas on Pinterest if you need some inspiration!

  • T-Shirt – £8
  • Pictures – £12 for 32 (depends on how many / when you want them I.E instant / 1 hour wait bla bla)
  • Plastic Wallets – £1.75 (website says that price but I’m sure they were cheaper)

Next we went to B&M which is basically bargain central and there was just everything you could ever need to take to uni for a good price!


B&M had loads of cheap stuff, like this 13.5 tog duvet (what on earth does ‘tog’ mean?!) for £9.99 and those baskets for organising stuff ( my love) AND oh my god how cute is the little one? I couldn’t resist.

  • Duvet – £9.99
  • Bigger Boxes – £2.99 each
  • Smaller Box – 99p
  • Literal ‘Trash Can’ – £4.99


This is the kitchen stuff we bought from B&M and let’s just start with how cute that duster is (i can’t deal omg)! The little coasters are potentially my favourite because they have cute little quotes on or maybe the Frozen cup because … well, Frozen cups.

  • Plastic Coloured Cups – 99p each
  • Oven Gloves – £2.99
  • Sponges – 49p (mine are non scratch so not sure if it’s the same price but probs will be!)
  • Coasters – £1.99
  • Frozen Cup – £2.49
  • Dish Cloths – £1.99
  • Grater – £2.49
  • Cutest f’cking Duster ever –  £1.99

Next we went to Poundland, a shop that appears to be popping up everywhere – there’s literally 10 where I live.


Okay so, as you might’ve gathered, all of this stuff was £1 with some being on offer. The pink period pads were on offer so there was 2 for £1 I think and I think with period pads when they’re certain brands I.E Bodyform, they’re all the same wherever you buy them so you might as well get them cheaply!

  •  Herbal Essences Shampoo & Conditioner – £1 (doesn’t make my hair greasy somehow)
  • All Pads – £1 (some on offer)
  • Shower Gel – £1
  • Soap – £1
  • Toothpaste – £1
  • Toothbrush – £1
  • Toilet Wipes – £1
  • Make Up Wipes – £1

We also got toilet cleaning stuff and each product was £1 – bleach etc – and also bin bags and tissues!


These other things were also £1 but the Pyrex dish – which is good value for money because those dishes are usually more expensive – was £3.

  • Food Bags – £1
  • Foil – £1
  • Lunch Box – £1
  • Pyrex Dish – £3

Okay so this is what I meant by when I forget to include things so a few of these things aren’t actually from Poundland but yeah, I tried :’).


Right so the things that are actually from Poundland are the files and pens, which are good for just sorting out and organising, etc. The pens aren’t Sharpies but they’re less expensive and also work the same, so it’s all okay.

  • 2 files – £1 each
  • Pens – £1 each
  • ASDA Pencil Case – £3
  • ASDA Lamp – £5 (I’m totally scared of the dark)


Okay so before getting onto the best bits I’ll just do the final bits of this kind of stuff. Not being able to have a washing line outside means we had to go for the radiator one – which is better anyway because who likes putting the washing outside, really? I have to pray that I have a radiator now, though, haha! The washing basket works because then the clothes don’t end up on the floor – such a crime in my Mum’s mind. Both the radiator drier and the washing basket were from B&M and the pens were from Poundland!

  • Washing Basket – £4.99
  • Radiator Drier -£2.99
  • Grey BIC Pens – £1 ( my favourite pens – they write so nicely)
  • Red, Blue, Green & Black Papermate Pens – £1 (also the same^)

Onto my fave shop of all time, Wilkinson’s! As mentioned in the first part of this haul, Wilko’s just has everything you could ever need and I hope this haul might show you that!


So, ignoring all the boring stuff – like the toilet cleaning and dish washer stuff (I feel like that’s all I’ve done in this, talk about bleach, that is) – guess which are my favourite purchases?! The Hedgehog doorstop, of course – my mum heard on the radio that to make friends you should keep your door open so…that’s where that guy came from – which I need to name because I’m that kinda person, and also, the pug cups!!!! How freaking cute?!

I’m totally unsure as to how much most of this costed because the receipt is lost among a lot of packed uni stuff – but I’ll scour the website and hopefully find out.

  • Cute af Hedgehog Door Stop – £8 (I need name suggestions *searches baby names*)
  • Pug ‘Top Dog’ Cups – £2 each! (My sister has a pug and he’s wonderful and don’t get me started)
  • Fairy Liquid – £1.95 / £1 (I don’t know which size it is)
  • Anti-Bacterial Wipes – 50p each
  • Venus Razors – 85p
  • Surf things – £2.50
  • Domestos Bleach – 90p

And now that’s done, it’s time for the best bit of the whole Uni shopping experience – the stationary!!!!


Okay so, let me first start by saying, you can get this stuff pretty much anywhere – other stationary shops or big supermarkets – but in Wilkos, they’re great value. Let me also say that I realise I’ve got 2 hole punchers and it was because I forgot to take the individual one out, after putting the desktop stationary pack in – my bad. Those huge folders are what I was told to buy for my course – I always get my fingers stuck in the clasp thing , ouch – and that might be another thing worth considering, different modules might need different files, etc. I wonder if you can guess my favourite purchase on that picture 😉 I’ll get onto that later.

  • Lever Arch Files (the one’s with the claspy thing) – £1 each (apart from the cute fox one)
  • Cute Fox Lever Arch File – £1.50 (This is the price of a similar file it mightn’t be the same but it probs is!)
  • Desktop Stationary Pack – £3.50 (it’s got staples, a stapler, a hole puncher and a sellotape thing) ((who knew sellotape had 2 l’s?!)) (((not me))))
  • Accidentally Bought Hole Puncher – £1.50
  • Rabbit Paper Clips 😉 – not sure on this one, thinking £1
  • Lion Ruler – can’t find on the website 😦 think it was 35p
  • Highlighters – £2.25 (totally paying for the brand, we’re all victims of consumerism)
  • Pencils – £1
  • Fineliners – £2.00 (Wilko’s own, 50p cheaper than the big brands)
  • Rubber & Sharpener Combo – 35p

Okay so, I just need to go into detail on the said item above just because I really think it’s amazing value for money and just something I’ve needed in my life since the day I was born – just roll with it.


Even though the picture quality is awful, I just think it’s so amazing to have a board with everything you’d buy separately, altogether! So with the board there’s pens, a note pad and magnets – as you can see – and I just think it’s perfect for people who want to organise and attempt to de-stress their life by doing so!

I’ll stop freaking out about a white board now, sorry. Onto the last bit of stationary stuff.


So this stuff is from Ryman and that’s another one of my fave shops in terms of stationary. The note pads / project book in particular are my favourites as the Oxford paper is so satisfying to write on and I just love it. The paper is thick aswell so it doesn’t just rip if you tear it. I won’t lie, I was disappointed with the selection of pencil cases in Ryman this year and would totally have gone to WHSmith if I had been able to because they just didn’t have anything I really liked :(.

But anyway.

  • Pencil Case – £3 (I think, it was on offer so not entirely sure)
  • Oxford Project Book- 3 for 2 on the Oxford books – £4.99 each
  • Oxford Note Books –  3 for 2 on the Oxford books – £3.99 each (So £8.98 for 3)
  • White Tack – 99p (Shoutout to the guy who works in our Ryman who gave me the 99p one over the full priced one)

So that’s it, that’s the stuff that’s coming with me to Uni. Still need some food but apart from that, it’s all done. I hope that you enjoyed this and that it helped you if you want to shop cheap and find the student bargains! For me Freshers is Next Week (I’ll have been moved in for one day this time next week oh god) and if it is for any of you, good luck! It’s the start of a new adventure! 🙂 thank you for reading xxx


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