Best and Worst of February

Good afternoon fellow citizens of wordpress. I hope you are all well and had a fabulous week. If not then do not be concerned as along with the slightly heavy feeling of Sunday, there is a new week ahead. (Plus you might not have paid council tax for 2 months and are only just having to pay it again so surely that’s worth a fist pump or high five or whatever?) Anyway, here I am again, coming back at ya’ with a best and worst of February post, talking about well, as you might guess, the good and bad things about the petite (points – *Graham Norton Eurovision voice*) month of February that some of us made it out of with a slight tan (I.E those of us who wore fake tan). I have to say, regarding the whole heatwave thing, it was quite a shock to me that so many people I work with were so overjoyed about the whole thing. Fair enough, it made playground duty a little more bearable but not sure how the polar bears are feeling about it?? But anyway, onwards and upwards (towards unavoidable climate changeĀ šŸ˜­) …

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Tinder for friends?

Please believe me when I say I did genuinely try to think of an original way to begin this blog post that is being posted a billion years after the last one. So, let’s just get the cliche ‘hasn’t it been a while?’ thing over will shall we?

Well, hasn’t it been a while? (Classic, easy, simple.)

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