A little bit of (Monica) comfort

Hello hello! Here I am again (if I can pay anyone to come up with a more original opening statement then just let me know!). I guess I’ll just jump straight in; I’m moving back out to uni! Bloody hell, I know. I didn’t see it coming either, but here we are and off I go. So, why this blog post? Well, we all know that change can be hard. I’m excited as hell to move back out to university but I’m also terrified of the pressure of third year and I guess that when those pressures come, we all need things to comfort us and make us feel better. Like most people, I have ‘those’ things that get me back to me and those things that act as that warm hug when I need it and I guess today, I thought I could share them with you in case you were looking for something to give you that warm hug, too.

I’m going to start with things that you can watch (for comfort / any time) , purely because there’s nothing better than putting on a cosy film and nestling yourself into your duvet with a cup of tea close by and just getting lost in the cinematic magic (without the sound of people eating popcorn really loudly from behind). One of the first things I love to watch when I need a comfort hug, is Matilda. I wrote a post on here about Matilda, once, and as I type, the little Roald Dahl illustration I have of her in my bedroom is looking over me. I think this film is comforting because of the magical element it has to it, which is why the Harry Potter films make this list, too. A gal who loves to read herself out of shitty situations, a nice teacher and a happy ending; pure and simple happiness. (She’s also kinda’ badass with Miss Trunchbull and we all love that, let’s be honest). Ratatouille and Moana are the Disney films that make my list, with Moana being on there because of the banging tunes and also, the fact that I feel like she’s some little animated version of myself, hopping around saving her island and saying fuck you to the way things have ‘always been’. Ratatouille is almost an unexplained one, to be honest. I think it’s because of Linguini, one of the protagonists – total underdog become headchef, with the help of his little pal – and how I feel like I relate to him in some way, but really, it’s just a feel good funny movie and believe me, I don’t take it kindly when people trash rats around me, now. (Funny references here, and here) It’s also set in Paris and if you love a little bit of Paris dreamin’ like me, it’s a good little film for that. Back to Harry Potter, the films (and the books will also feature!) just take you away to another world, despite the fact that it flits between what is actually our world, anyway, and obviously the wizarding world. It’s a good distraction, watching Harry, Ron and Hermione constantly break the rules to save those around them and I think there’s just something super cosy about Hogwarts and the films in general. And lastly, one of my faves, is a TV show called Gilmore Girls. You’ve probably heard of it, with the reunion show they made last year, but man, this show is the hug you never knew you needed. The warmth that comes from the characters and just the whole show… you just can’t watch it and not feel like someone is trying to make you feel a little bit better. If you’ve never watched it, I’d definitely recommend it as one to binge watch, for so so so many reasons, but mostly because if you need some comforting, then the Gilmore gals are the ones to give it to you.

Onto music, next. Like most people, the music we grow up with is usually quite a comfort to us. My whole family love to sing and for that reason, there’s something super comforting about putting on a classic jam and just going to town on it, seriously or unseriously. 80’s music is a big fave of mine and when you’re feeling shitty, sometimes you just need Shania Twain to come on and remind you about the best things about being a woman, or for Earth, Wind and Fire to get you grooving throughout September (will be waking my uni pals up with this song on the 21st). Listening to your favourite artists – the ones who are a part of your soul – is a super good way to pick yourself up, after all, if they make you you, then what else is gonna’ help you get back to the best you? Some empowering songs might be a good shout, too. If you’re feeling particularly shitty about a relationship or a situation, stick a bit of Kelly Clarkson on in the shower and belt out Since You’ve Been Gone, or a bit of old Taylor Swift if you need a bit of a cry. Music in general can comfort you, whether you pick something that fits your mood or feelings, or whether it’s just someone who gets you grooving or reminds you of happier times, go for it, jam out, get comforted.

I should’ve really put these two up in the ‘things to watch’ section, but ah well, here they are. I honestly don’t think there’s anything more comforting than sticking on a good YouTube vlog and chilling out with a cuppa, in bed, just as I have said up there (yes, most of the things that comfort me involve bed and tea, oops). Louise Pentland (or Sprinkle of Glitter as you may know her) is one of the most comforting vloggers I have ever watched in my life. Part of me thinks it’s because of her ‘never complain, never explain’, attitude but then part of me thinks that it’s because she’s literally just her in her vlogs and other videos. She’s not afraid to be herself and I think that those good vibes definitely translate through to the viewer on the other end. I cherish the moment I see her weekly vlog pop up on a Sunday morning and I wait for the moment that evening where I can just chill out and watch her vlog with tea before bed. Another YouTuber who’s like this, is Carrie Hope Fletcher. She’s just another lady who can offer a big hug when you need it, without even knowing it. I know this sounds obvious, and I said it about Louise too, but she’s just herself, and that’s what I love. I also like that she lets her curly hair roam free just like I do. She’s also got a banging singing voice (honestly, just listen) and works in musical theatre and I just enjoy living vicariously through that, to be honest, haha. I’m sure there’s so many more YouTubers out there who are equally as comforting, but these two are just my faves! If you’re ever looking for an internet hug, these two could be the gals for you.

I’m going to jump to comforting ‘things’, now, because there’s quite a few! I feel lucky that I know the things that comfort me and that I can seek them out when I need to, so I’m hoping that if you don’t, I’m giving you some ideas! So (all of these things involve cosiness and warmth, there may well be a theme) I’ll begin with hot water bottles and dressing gowns. Man, is there anything quite as cosy as being snuggled up in a dressing gown? Add a hot water bottle (perhaps not in the summer) and wow, you will be the epitome of comfort and snuggles. That combination in itself is literally a warm hug, in that your dressing gown is literally surrounding you and the hot water bottle is giving you the warmth of a human, just in…rubber, water form? Give it a try, honestly, it’ll change your life. Like I say, add a film (Harry Potter, potentially, given the time of year) , a blanket, tea and then add some warm socks and wow…you have reached the epitome of comfort right there. You might even want to do this with other people. I know that when I need a hug, sometimes a physical hug is the kind of hug that you need. I also feel lucky that I have friends who’ll do this for me and with me, and detect when I’m not feeling the best. On our recent holiday to Malia, two of my best friends took me out for a cup of tea purely because they knew I wasn’t feeling great and man, my heart is still all warm and fuzzy from that. Surround yourself with calming, comforting people and the virtual hug you might want can become a real one, and the comfort you’re seeking from ‘things’ can be given by those who love you and want you to feel better. You might also want to just talk to those people, get those feelings off your chest and just…let it out. Equally, if you want to continue to comfort yourself alone (sometimes this is literally what you want to do, I know I do a lot of the time, especially at home) then how about a bath with the actual Lush Comforter bath bomb? They make a shower gel too (but be quick, because I think *holds shit together* they’re discontinuing it) and man, it’s a hug in a bottle. Watch a Louise Pentland vlog in the bath, read Harry Potter (it’ll take you places) or do both and have a cup of tea on hand, too.

The key thing is; do things that make you happy and that you enjoy. If these things aren’t working one day, try something new. Sometimes, a beach walk does the job for me (the water calls me, man) and then sometimes, a cheeky blog post and a chat with my best pal will sort me out, but everyone is different. We all have different things that make us tick and sometimes, it takes a little more than a bath and a vlog to make us feel better. But the important thing is to know that there are better days to come, and that they will come, despite them potentially feeling a million miles away. In the meantime, it’s the little comforting things that count. A little bit of self care goes a loooong way, and if you feel you need it, then go for it, you deserve it. Get yourself back to you and carry on rocking the world, kid.


I hope this helped someone or some people! Like I said, we are all different so maybe these are just my weird little things but I’d love to know yours if you have any! I’m sure I’ll be back again soon,

Rosie 🙂 *warm hugs*


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