Uni Haul! (Or the start of…)

Hey guys – if anyone is reading this haha – so apparently, after a long, hard 2 years of A-Levels and College, I somehow did enough to get into my first choice Uni onto my teaching course! *Jumps around uncontrollably* I am so so so happy and I can’t wait to move in – 19 days and counting – and so in order to leave my house and actually live at Uni, I kinda needed some stuff to take with me. Now, I’ve never lived away from home before, so this was totally new to me and I literally had no clue what to buy or what I needed. In fact, I made a list after my Mum, Dad and I went shopping, which just shows how clueless I am at the whole ‘independent living’ thing.

I’ve taken some pictures of the stuff I bought in an attempt to assist anyone else who’s going to Uni and I hope this helps anyone else who’s panicking about what to buy! This stuff is mostly just bathroom and bedroom stuff, the most exciting part – stationary is still yet to come! *Jumps around again*

Bedroom Stuff

Okay so, let’s start with bedroom. All of this stuff came from Primark and I won’t lie, I would’ve probably only bought a duvet cover had it not been for my mum telling me that there was a little more to it than just that. I just want to say, that if anyone doesn’t own a Primark throw, then you have to get one. They’re the softest things ever and they’re cheap in comparison to the ones you get from big stores like M&S, etc. Also, they have some on offer at the moment so drop those hints.

  • Pillowcases – £1.80 (there is 2 in the pack)
  • Mattress Cover thing  – £3.90 (only one in this one!)
  • Duvet Cover – £9.00
  • Cushions – £5.90 (so so so soft)
  • Mattress Protector -£3.90
  • Throw – £4.50 (So soft and such a good price I can’t even deal)

So that’s the bedroom bit done and I’ll definitely be taking some homely things like a couple of cushions – My Olaf one definitely 😉 – and picture frames. I also need to get some storage boxes and stuff for my clothes but I’m not too sure what the space is like that I have to use, so I don’t want to buy anything that I won’t be able to use/fit.


So after being assured by my Mum that she’d sort out all my cleaning products, we just bought this stuff from Wilkinson’s and it was all so cheap! Wilkinson’s really is just one of those shops you always know you can rely on to have everything you ever need. AND it had a ‘college essentials’ section, with things like knives, forks, plates, kitchen stuff and basically everything you’d need to live, for such cheap prices. This was also good because for people like me who have no idea what to buy, it had everything laid out in one section.

  • Bath Mat (from Primark) – £3.90
  • Bin – £1.50
  • Toilet Brush & Holder – £3.00
  • Toothbrush holder – £1.50
  • Shower Scraper – £1.00 (I always wanted to try out the window cleaner’s massive one)
  • Bathroom Organiser Boxes – £2.50 (and there was 2!!!)

Now, onto kitchen. (As I write this, next door’s children are killing each other I think. They have a dog and it never shuts up and don’t get me wrong, I love dogs, but this dog…they need to train it or something because I’m fearing for it’s safety.) Can I also just say, I had absolutely no idea how much stuff a person needs in a kitchen.


You might have noticed a slight theme going on here… I’m just going to have to hide my can and bottle openers just to maintain the colour pattern. So all of this stuff is also from Wilkinson’s and I love it! I saw the grey bowls (I couldn’t find the big grey plates but I’ll put the prices down below anyway) and plates back in May/June when I didn’t even know if I was going to get into Uni and instantly loved them. I was scared they wouldn’t still have them but I was pleasantly surprised, they have those and so many more colours! I still need to get cutlery and stuff but I’m trying to find some that look a bit different so everyone will be able to tell the difference between mine and theirs. (My mum is worried people won’t wash up and stuff – does she think I will?!)

  • 2 Big Grey Plates – £4.00 (£2.00 each)
  • 2 Small Grey Plates – £4.00 (£2.00 each too)
  • 2 Grey Bowls – £4.00 (£2.00 each aswell)
  • Frying Pan – £5.00 (you can also get fancy ones that are a little more expensive and probably more hard wearing!)
  • Tray – £5.00 (Because who doesn’t need a tray?)
  • Measuring Jug – 30p!
  • Masher – 30p (thing you use to mash potatoes, why isn’t it just officially called a masher?!
  • Wooden Spoon / other wooden thing- both 30p
  • Slidey Thing – 30p (the thing you use to get the chips/chicken nuggets off the tray)
  • Can Opener – £.150
  • Bottle Opener – £1.00 (so cute I couldn’t not)
  • Chopping Board – £2.00

Then, we took a little trip into poundland – because bargains and I love Tyhoo tea and they sell it really cheaply in there – and found some other random stuff. We also went to WHSmith which might be my favourite shop of all time to get this badboy (the planner, haha).


Similar to when I saw the bowls and stuff in Wilkinson’s, when I saw the Student Planner in WHSmith’s, I fell in love. I adore planning and organising, it just de-stresses me and makes me feel slightly more in control. Can I also just say that the organiser has little Uni tips at the bottom, which I think might be rather helpful for a first time Uni student like me and you!

  • Culinder – £1.00 (Poundland)
  • Student 2015-2015 Planner – £6.99 (WHSmith)
  • Pillow Protectors – £1.00 (just because the picture’s there and I know I already said but I just couldn’t leave it out)

So there it is, I know I have a bit more stuff to get (cups, glasses, etc) , like food to start off with and some stationary, organiser kinda things, but it’s all just part of the preparation and it’s just making me more excited. I do feel quite emotional about the whole thing as leaving my home is something I think I’ll struggle with, after having my family literally by my side for my whole 18 years of life, but I think that moving out is just a new adventure and I know they’ll be excited to hear all about it!

I hope this has helped anyone who’s going to Uni and showed you where the cheap stuff is (I’m a cheapskate, okay:’) )! We might not keep this stuff in one piece for even the first semester so buying cheap doesn’t sound like the worst decision!

Thanks for reading if you did and I’ll update you soon with a stationary haul (I hope!) ☺☺☺xxx


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