Matilda | What I Learnt

Having been a book worm nearly all my life, Roald Dahl’s ‘Matilda’ was a particular hit with me and has been since the day I first read it. Although people say ‘it’s just a book’, ‘Matilda’ feels like a lot more given all the things that I feel I learnt from it, both from then and now.

Equally, the film adaptation brings me just as much joy, with the comic scenes and strong female protagonists (Miss Honey & obviously Matilda) bringing it to life and making me feel even more love towards the story that is ‘Matilda’.

So, what makes this story so special? I guess this kind of thing is subjective and people take different things from different books, but for me, this is why Matilda is a story I’ll be passing on to my children.

Escape Loneliness with a Good Book, just like Matilda:

Although I didn’t realise this at the time, as I watch/read now, I see that Matilda often escapes her loneliness with a book, as we see at the start of the film when she explores and essentially reads the entire library. Even though in the film adaptation, we clearly hear ‘you are not alone’, I think, that as a child, we only see physical loneliness, like not having anyone to play with at playtime, not the mental kind of loneliness that hits us as we are exposed to billions of emotions when a little older. This makes me reflect back to times in high school when I often felt ridiculously rubbish about myself, and how I often chose other ways to cope as opposed to doing what I had always loved and treasured – reading. Had I considered Matilda’s coping strategy, perhaps those times would have been a little more bearable, with characters to help me escape my thoughts as opposed to letting them fester and make me feel even worse. I also think that this is why encouraging children to read is so important. I know now, people say they encourage their children to read, but I see weekly, when I volunteer at a local primary school that more and more people are ‘forgetting’ to read with or to their children, which is not only detrimental to their language and writing development, but also to the potential of their creativity/imagination.

Reading is wonderful and something I am so glad that my parents and family encouraged me to do from such a young age and I really wish that I read more than I do now. As reading is often not seen as the ‘cool’ thing, especially at school, I didn’t read near enough as I used to un high school, and often wish that my love for reading hadn’t slowed/ been hidden away throughout high school. ‘Matilda’, upon reflection, has made me realise that as long as I have books and words to inject and explore in my imagination, I will never be alone.

Teachers Can Be Wonderful

After watching / reading Matilda, it’s hard not to wish that you had Miss Honey as a teacher and I think this particularly influenced me in terms of the type of teacher I’d like to be. This may seem rather silly, given that she is a fictional character in a book, but when I read about her I couldn’t help but pray I would some day have a teacher just like her, who made me feel like I could achieve anything I wanted. Unfortunately, I never had a teacher I can definitely say believed in me and encouraged me to do anything in the world, but I can say that I will do my best to be that teacher for the children of the future.


People Who Don’t Appreciate You Don’t Deserve You 

This is one that can apply to many situations and I also think is something that I really needed to know when I was younger. Whether it be with friends or in relationships, and sometimes family, those who don’t appreciate you for all that you are worth / capable of don’t deserve you. I’ve been with people who don’t appreciate you and it makes you feel so worthless. Sometimes, letting go of these people is too hard and often we cling to them, yet those people don’t appreciate you for what you are, so what are they bringing to your life? I’m not saying get rid of anyone who doesn’t constantly praise you for doing well in something, but what I am saying, is that you shouldn’t surround yourself with those people because it’s just going to bring you down. One day, you will find people who appreciate you for all that you are worth and all that you are.

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This is quite a different post but I was watching Matilda for the 10293847982’th time and I just couldn’t resist. Thanks for reading if you did 🙂 🙂 🙂


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